Confab ('konfab) inf. ~n 1. a conversation. ~vb.-fabbing –fabbed. 2. (int.) to converse.

Our ethos is that all arts practice is a conversation: a conversation between the creator of the work and the consumers; between the themes of the work; between the mediums used to express the artistic vision; between the practitioners delivering the vision; and between the multiple layers of relationships, emotions, ideologies and principles with which the vision is perceived and experienced.

Art asks questions at every step of the process, engaging all participants in a continuous dialogue with those questions both as practitioners and consumers. As with a conversation, so conFAB's work is a fluid, shifting, proactive, responsive, eclectic and open ended dialogue.

We are a cross-artform, text based arts organisation. We produce an eclectic range of art ventures, ranging in scale, format, genre, medium and output. Please see our projects page for further information.

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